Monday, April 30, 2012

Reflection of the "I Believe" project

Creating the "I believe" video was very difficult. I was unsure of how my video would be appealing by just reading my essay, and I was confused on how to create it. I ended up recording myself on a MacBook reading my essay, I added an intro and then some pictures. In the end I was not so happy on how it turned out but i felt it was good enough. I discovered that I still need to learn how to record a video and make it enjoyable to watch by adding certain things to it. I did not find it very fun,because it was sort of awkward recording myself just reading an essay, but I did learn how to use the program iMovie, which I can find useful for future projects. I can use this project of creating my "I believe" video in my future classroom in many ways. For example, I can have my students create videos for different assignments. I can also create videos for lessons that the students can watch and learn from. I feel that the future of teaching will consist of all technology and using video in the classroom will become a necessity. I'm glad that I was able to learn how to bring video into the classroom,even though I still have much more to learn to become skilled at it.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Open Education Resources

Open Education Resources (OER) are learning, research and teaching materials that can be obtained with little or no cost on the Internet. I agree that teachers and students should use OER, because of all the benefits it offers.
as a student and learner, OER can offer textbooks online, which can save lots of money and there is not any need for heavy books to be carried around to class.
also all the information is very acessible by just getting online.
The benefits of OER as a teacher are being able to get lesson plans online and course work. there are also online courses avaliable that will save time instead of lecturing to a large class. I can use the resources to add to the curriculm I plan on having in the classroom.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My Belief Statement

I believe that teaching can touch the lives of others. Teachers can improve the lives of many students and give them the motivation they need to stay in school and become successful.  I have had the opportunity to witness a teacher that inspired students in education. When I was 12 years old my family moved to a different neighborhood where I had to attend a different school for the 6th grade. I was put in school with students that were considered below the poverty level, were diverse and did not have a well-family life. The teacher that I had was so caring and giving to the students. The teacher encouraged the students and made sure everyone was in a positive mood every day. She would play music and make the students feel comfortable in class. I felt at ease during class and my whole class got along. She not only taught us the lessons that were necessary in social studies and English, but life lessons too. With some of the students having school as an escape from the struggles at home, she made sure they were given the attention they deserved in class.  She gave everyone the opportunity to voice their opinions and made the lessons fun.

 I learned that education is very important, especially for the children that need to escape their lives at home and become successful in their futures. Students have to be motivated to get out of bed in the morning, attend school and work diligently. A caring, motivational teacher can do that for the students. My plan for becoming a motivational teacher is to make sure all the students get their basic needs in school and work my best to have them reach their highest potential. Although, in order to get the students motivated the teacher needs to have fun activities done in the classroom. The students’ need to be interested in the material taught in school and because most of the lessons are not exciting, it is up to the teacher to change them. It is exactly the kind of motivation, caring teacher I had and would like to become.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Top 10 Cool Tools for School

All these tools made my Top 10 list because, I believe I can use them when I teach during class or as a student.  they are all very useful and can benefit the classroom greatly and make it easier for the teacher along with the student. At the top of my list I chose Edmondo as a social networking site between the teacher and student. I feel that it is important to use social networking in the classroom. Edmondo is also an appropriate site where it won't have any personal information like Facebook or Twitter, it would fully just be a connection where the students can ask the teacher questions or collaborate with one another.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Cool Tool for School

Teachers are always looking for ways to improve their classrooms. Through the internet teachers can find many tools that can benefit their lesson plans. One tool that not only helps teachers but the students as well is YouTube. YouTube is a useful way to find out information on the internet. YouTube is a site that includes videos from all around the world on pretty much any topic imaginable. All you have to do is search a topic and videos will appear that matches your search where you can then view them. Teachers can use the site to show the student’s interviews or clips of a television program that is educational via the computer.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Distraction in the Classroom

Facebook, Twitter and other social networks are great ways to promote buisness, share ideas with others, connect with people over the internet and most of all helping teachers improve their classrooms. Social networking can benefit the classroom by having collaberations between teachers and students. In additon, teachers can follow other scholors on the social networking sites, which can help them gain knowlege in preparing lessons and which ways are best for teaching students. Although, with the many reasons why social networking in the classroom is a great idea, it can also be a large distraction for the students. Students are not being able to get their studies done. Even though the students are having the struggles to get the work done at their own homes, it has also been complicated to get the students attention during class time with all the distractions of the social network. Students that have class with a computer right in front of them are driven to go on facebook instead of participating in the class. It is causing students to slack on their assignments and also lose sleep because they spend most of their time online and when it is too late decide they need to get their work done. is a site that explains how technology has become a serious distraction in today's society. If this issue is ignored it can cause extreme consequences in the success of students in this day of age. In result, people would put much less of an effort into their work and lose their focus in completing their future goals.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Twitter Can Benefit the Classroom

Twitter is a social networking site that i feel can be very beneficial to teachers and students in the classroom. I have been using twitter for about a year now and i am in love with it. Twitter is a great way to learn new information and read other peoples' opinions from around the world. It is alwasy interesting and can provide new ideas for educators to use in their lessons by reading other teacher's posts about the classroom. As a student it will be easier to connect with other people that have the same interests and gain new insight in the world of teaching in order to prepare for their futures.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Response to Powerpoint and Narrative Project

In my SEDU 183 class we were asked to come up with a lesson plan for a chosen grade level by using powerpoint and writing a narrative.  I enjoyed this project with creating my own lesson for a 7th grade history class on documents that are important to the United States. I plan on becoming a teacher in my future so it was great practice to being able to come up and create lessons for students. I thought the process was fairly easy, because I am used to using powerpoint for projects. Although I did think it was difficult to come up with a lesson where the powerpoint is not just telling the students the information, but having them interact with the teacher and lesson.  I feel that the presentation was successful and it was very interesting to see other peoples' projects for the grade level they chose.  Overall, i feel that this project has been beneficial, because I learned many new skills with creating a lesson plan for students by using technology.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

How Personal Learning Networks have Changed Classrooms: Blog Response

In chapter 1 of “Personal Learning Networks” the authors discuss how PLNs have changed the classrooms and how teachers provide lessons and work on line for their students. Personal Learning Networks have drastically changed society and the way people learn new material. With the new technology students can receive information from anywhere and be able to become educated through PLNs around the world.  In addition, there are now online courses that can be taken; social networking through other teachers in order to share ideas, and having the students learn the skills that are needed in navigating the computer.
Although, this new age in technology does not fully mean teachers are not needed. Instead, PLNs have made it much easier for the teacher and students in the classroom and learning how to interact with others using devices to share opinions, and information around the world. The authors state “This type of learning includes how to make connections online…collaborate with others in ways that go beyond just sharing information” (p.20).
Educators can use the technology to share other lesson plans with other teachers and receive feedback in order to become a much greater teacher. I think the greatest part of technology through PLNs has given opportunities to students to explore even books online, for example “Google’s attempt to scan and digitize every known book…will make those books more accessible and useful” (p.16). I believe that if Google is able to complete that, students will read and become interested in the books much more without going to a library in order to do so.
The concept of how PLN’s are used explains the text as a whole by stating the importance of PLNs and how it can benefit the community. The theme of PLNs in the wider world means that it provides sharing networks for teachers and students to learn much more throughout the world without leaving the classroom. Also the grading system is much easier and. One question that I have from the text is how the future will be if we only use PLNs in classes? Will the attendance for school not seem to matter anymore? The answer in the text proves that teachers will still be used, but the new system “is the dawn of a new age of schooling” (p.20).
In conclusion, I agree with the fact that PLNs are needed and have helped schools. But it is also important to let students know attendance should matter, even though the schooling can be accessed online. PLNs have changed the world only for the better and I believe that it will continue to grow and become even more successful in the future for students and teachers everywhere around the world.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ways to Look Fashionable at an Affordable Price

I have a love for fashion and I am always interested in the latest trends. The Style network is always showing tips for looking fab, for example Kimora Lee Simmons explains how lookign fashionale does not mean you have to spend lots of money in Recession Chic.

I feel that a pair of good shoes can make an outfit.  if you would rather have shoes made by a designer and would spend a large amouynt of money to buy comfortabel shoes, you'rer not the only one. Many people spends loads of cash on a pair of heels they believe will be worht the money but what people dont know is that you can buy teh same kind of designer heels on websites such as zappos, piperlime,endless, ect. also stroes such as Marshalls or TJMAxx are my personal favoirte places to shop. while being a college student that has to be careful with my money TJmaxx and Marshalls have shoes that are designer that have sale prices. it is scuh an easy way to get good, comfortable shoes at an affordable price.