Monday, April 30, 2012

Reflection of the "I Believe" project

Creating the "I believe" video was very difficult. I was unsure of how my video would be appealing by just reading my essay, and I was confused on how to create it. I ended up recording myself on a MacBook reading my essay, I added an intro and then some pictures. In the end I was not so happy on how it turned out but i felt it was good enough. I discovered that I still need to learn how to record a video and make it enjoyable to watch by adding certain things to it. I did not find it very fun,because it was sort of awkward recording myself just reading an essay, but I did learn how to use the program iMovie, which I can find useful for future projects. I can use this project of creating my "I believe" video in my future classroom in many ways. For example, I can have my students create videos for different assignments. I can also create videos for lessons that the students can watch and learn from. I feel that the future of teaching will consist of all technology and using video in the classroom will become a necessity. I'm glad that I was able to learn how to bring video into the classroom,even though I still have much more to learn to become skilled at it.

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