My 21st Century Classroom

Welcome! The video above is of myself recting my essay for the "I Believe" project. I wrote an essay stating my belief of being a motivational teacher in the classroom. I state why I believe that being a motivational teacher is important and how it can affect the students in beneficial ways. This video consists of reading my essay with a few images and music that are also involved in the video. My Reflection My Classroom My future classroom would be set up with having multiple tables where students would sit in assgined seats all facing the teacher, the dry erase board and projector. I created it using Google docs.
This classroom set up would provide collaboration between the students and teachers. The students would be able to easily befriend and work together in group assginments with the seating arrangement. The students would feel comfortable and be given the chance to make new friends which can benefit the classroom. This classroom can provide easy communication skills between the students and the students and teacher. The students being put into groups and beind faced towards the teacher will create a comfotable setting and be able to interact with eachother. The arrangement also makes it very accessible for the teacher adn students. Having the teachers desk be upfront in room the teacher has a lot of space to walk around and interact with the students. The students being seated in desks that are in groups make is accessible for the students to walk around the class and gives a lot of open space for everyone to use. Routines and Rituals I would use daily rituals and routines in my classroom. The students would first walk into class, hang up their coats and back packs and seat in their assigned seats. I would start the day by taking attendance using a Smart Board or if not just checking off the names on an attendance sheet or online. I then would ask the students' about their days and if anything interesting as happened to them. Next, I will inform the students of the day's plan and the lesson that will be taught. I would then begin the lesson by using the Smart Board and having the studnets interact with it. I also would have the studnets work together on assignments in order to collaborate and share ideas with each other. The lessons I would teach them would be science or social studies related, and I would make sure that each of the students' understand the material. I would also have the students use the computers for some of the lessons, such as for social studies having the class look up news sources online to find out the daily news and how it relates to social studies. By the time we're are done with the computers it would be time for lunch and the students to switch classes, when they are done we would go back to learning and the day would then end. The same routines and rituals would then be used the next day. Instructional Here is an example of a lesson that I created for my future 7th grade social studies class. This is a powerpoint I would use to inform the students about some of the important documents of the United States. Documents That Are Significant to the United States[1] "> My Technology Integration I would use the Smart Board in my classroom for many reasons. I would want the students to be able to feel comfortable during class and be able to have a full understanding of the lessons being taught and I believe the Smart Board and help them do that. I would have the students write out answers on the Smart Board in both social studies and science classes. I can also have the Smart Board be connected to my computer where I can have presentations be shown and have the students present their work also. I can also go to certain websites to show the students social studies related content that can be interesting for them to learn.
I would also use Twitter and other social networking sites in order to gain knowlege from other educators and be able to collaborate with other classrooms around the world. Another way I can use technology integration is by making a video of the lessons that I would have for the students so they can watch the lessons at home and so can their parents. The students can therefore better their knowlege and be able to work on their skills as learners. PLN I will grow as a learner and a teacher by using perosnal learning networks. I believe that using social networking sites as a teacher can provide me with new ideas and gives me a chance to share my own ideas wirh others. I can also collaborate with others for classroom use using social networking sites. I also feel that blogs would benefit the classroom because it is a way for the parents to see what is being taught in class. The students would also be given the opportunity to post on the classroom blog. The students can ask questions and I can answer them. A classroom blog will be a great way students can communicate with eachother and with myself as the teacher. Bibliography Google Images "Demo Google Docs - Create and Collaborate Easily." Demo. Web. 09 May 2012. . "Explore Featured Documents | Scribd." Scribd. Web. 09 May 2012. . "Personal Learning Networks for Educators: 10 Tips." Getting Smart. Web. 09 May 2012. .

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