Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Response to Powerpoint and Narrative Project

In my SEDU 183 class we were asked to come up with a lesson plan for a chosen grade level by using powerpoint and writing a narrative.  I enjoyed this project with creating my own lesson for a 7th grade history class on documents that are important to the United States. I plan on becoming a teacher in my future so it was great practice to being able to come up and create lessons for students. I thought the process was fairly easy, because I am used to using powerpoint for projects. Although I did think it was difficult to come up with a lesson where the powerpoint is not just telling the students the information, but having them interact with the teacher and lesson.  I feel that the presentation was successful and it was very interesting to see other peoples' projects for the grade level they chose.  Overall, i feel that this project has been beneficial, because I learned many new skills with creating a lesson plan for students by using technology.

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