Tuesday, February 7, 2012

How Personal Learning Networks have Changed Classrooms: Blog Response

In chapter 1 of “Personal Learning Networks” the authors discuss how PLNs have changed the classrooms and how teachers provide lessons and work on line for their students. Personal Learning Networks have drastically changed society and the way people learn new material. With the new technology students can receive information from anywhere and be able to become educated through PLNs around the world.  In addition, there are now online courses that can be taken; social networking through other teachers in order to share ideas, and having the students learn the skills that are needed in navigating the computer.
Although, this new age in technology does not fully mean teachers are not needed. Instead, PLNs have made it much easier for the teacher and students in the classroom and learning how to interact with others using devices to share opinions, and information around the world. The authors state “This type of learning includes how to make connections online…collaborate with others in ways that go beyond just sharing information” (p.20).
Educators can use the technology to share other lesson plans with other teachers and receive feedback in order to become a much greater teacher. I think the greatest part of technology through PLNs has given opportunities to students to explore even books online, for example “Google’s attempt to scan and digitize every known book…will make those books more accessible and useful” (p.16). I believe that if Google is able to complete that, students will read and become interested in the books much more without going to a library in order to do so.
The concept of how PLN’s are used explains the text as a whole by stating the importance of PLNs and how it can benefit the community. The theme of PLNs in the wider world means that it provides sharing networks for teachers and students to learn much more throughout the world without leaving the classroom. Also the grading system is much easier and. One question that I have from the text is how the future will be if we only use PLNs in classes? Will the attendance for school not seem to matter anymore? The answer in the text proves that teachers will still be used, but the new system “is the dawn of a new age of schooling” (p.20).
In conclusion, I agree with the fact that PLNs are needed and have helped schools. But it is also important to let students know attendance should matter, even though the schooling can be accessed online. PLNs have changed the world only for the better and I believe that it will continue to grow and become even more successful in the future for students and teachers everywhere around the world.

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  1. This worries me that some day we might not be needed in classrooms!