Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Distraction in the Classroom

Facebook, Twitter and other social networks are great ways to promote buisness, share ideas with others, connect with people over the internet and most of all helping teachers improve their classrooms. Social networking can benefit the classroom by having collaberations between teachers and students. In additon, teachers can follow other scholors on the social networking sites, which can help them gain knowlege in preparing lessons and which ways are best for teaching students. Although, with the many reasons why social networking in the classroom is a great idea, it can also be a large distraction for the students. Students are not being able to get their studies done. Even though the students are having the struggles to get the work done at their own homes, it has also been complicated to get the students attention during class time with all the distractions of the social network. Students that have class with a computer right in front of them are driven to go on facebook instead of participating in the class. It is causing students to slack on their assignments and also lose sleep because they spend most of their time online and when it is too late decide they need to get their work done. is a site that explains how technology has become a serious distraction in today's society. If this issue is ignored it can cause extreme consequences in the success of students in this day of age. In result, people would put much less of an effort into their work and lose their focus in completing their future goals.

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